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Moqui Marbles/Maqui/Mochi Marbles-Shaman Stones Round Male and Female Pair

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  • Moqui Marbles / Shaman Stones Male and Female Pair.
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Moqui Marbles have a lovely energy & are simply nice to hold. Their strong vibration enables you to balance your female-male energies simply by doing that, although the recommended way to achieve this is to place the smaller female stone at your Crown Chakra & the male one under your feet.
Moqui Marbles Metaphysical Properties Deeply connected to the Earth, Moqui Marbles are believed to be one of the most energetic stones on earth. Some of their metaphysical properties include: grounding, energizing & cleansing. excellent aid for spiritual & intuitive growth
What is Shaman stone?
SCIENTIFIC: Shaman Stones are iron and silicon concretions that form dark, brown bumpy and irregular circular balls around sandstone deposits. Shaman Stone is also known as Shaman Stones or Mochi Balls. ... Shaman Stones provide psychic protection during vision quests and shamanic journeying.
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