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Moqui Marbles/Maqui/Mochi Marbles-Shaman Stones Round Male and Female Pair

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  • Moqui Marbles / Shaman Stones Male and Female Pair.
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Do you want to feel the healing force of what is known as the strongest Earth Energy crystal on the planet? Moqui marble spheres are concretions that consist of sandstone balls cemented by a hard shell of hematite. Often called moqui marbles or shaman stones.   Moqui Marbles were named after these indigenous people who lived in the Navajo desert area and utilized the power of Moqui for spiritual practices and games.  You too can benefit from power of Moqui Marbles.  Do you feel out of sorts and want to feel balanced.  Would you love to send the universe healing vibrations?  Are you drawn to the earths grounding energy?  Would you like to scare off evil spirits?  Would you like to release past trauma at the root chakra?  Do you love rare healing crystals?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then Moqui Marbles would be a great addition to your life. 
with new laws if effect it is now illegal to extract Moqui Marbles from the National Park. These chocolate brown crystals are very rare, coming only from Utah and Arizona. Now they are even more exclusive, as they are only available through Fisheye Treasures.  
We are privileged to be the custodians of the land from which we gather these rare stones.  We are proud to be able to offer these rare and magical stones to help the people who are called to use them.
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